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Thank You Day :)


I know there is probably a world day for thank-yous etc but for me it’s today!

After posting last week about some of my problems with a certain troublemaker/killjoy/bad-sport, I received many very much appreciated comments, emails and letters of support and it means so much – Thank you!

It was a very sad week for Positive Words last week. On Monday, one subscriber’s husband rang to say she had passed away a few weeks earlier. A lovely lady, very enthusiastic and a prolific writer who will be greatly missed by her family. By mid-week I received a letter from subscriber whose¬†partner had passed away and on Friday¬†one from another subscriber whose husband is very ill. Then on the weekend, an email from a daughter telling me her mother (a regular contributor) is very ill and now resident in a hospice but is still hoping to write a story for the December/Christmas issue. An amazing, thoughtful lady.

My thoughts are with everyone going through difficult times.


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