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As the year draws to a close…

I hope the blog title makes for an inspiring prompt 🙂

The end of my 2014 has slipped in a couple more hiccups . . . this year is determined to go out with a loud crash and bang!

Thank you to everyone for all the kind messages and emails. They help . . . they really do! And my thoughts are with all who are also experiencing tough times.

As my years draw to a close I have been catching up with submissions and correspondence and will be posting more competition results in a few days.

And I have also written a couple of stories, something I haven’t done for quite a while. You can read them on the ABC Open project:


Random Act of Kindness


Today a really lovely young woman I’d only just met gave me this beautiful  Cyclamen 🙂

A kind and totally unexpected act of thoughtfulness . . . I will treasure it.

Have you ever been the recipient of a random act of kindness?


Today’s prompt . . .

The kindness of strangers.

Inspired by the kind people who have sent messages and/or helped in the search to find Clyde. It’s heartwarming and offers hope 🙂

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