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Labour Day weekend picnic


Overlooking Lake Eppalock . . . a nice place to enjoy a picnic lunch πŸ™‚

Where’s your favourite picnic spot?



Pelicans roosting in a tree at Lake Eppalock πŸ™‚




Yesterday’s visitors brought their own cutlery!

Two Yellow-billed Spoonbills arrived in the morning and feasted in the boggy area beside the dam. They disappeared by lunchtime but one of them is back this morning πŸ™‚

I didn’t want to get too close and risk scaring them away but there’s a great view from the front windows. I’d previously seen Spoonbills on the edges of nearby Lake Eppalock and on the weekend we saw Pelicans there.Β  Who knows . . . perhaps they will one day find their way to Loch James πŸ™‚


Windy Weather


This weekend we have frost and still, sunny days but last weekend we had the kind of strong, biting wind that went through you rather than around . . . but although it made it unpleasant for some, these sailors on Lake Eppalock enjoyed racing across the waves πŸ™‚

Beautiful Blue


Today’s prompt…

A beautiful view of Lake Eppalock on a lovely summer day here yesterday. Rod and I enjoyed a nice drive, exploring the area which we always love to do πŸ™‚

Unfortunately, not so good for many Australians who are battling fires or floods. I hope the situation eases soon.

After the Floods

Today’s prompt…

Two years ago, this area had major flooding, filling the Eppalock Dam which had been down to less than ten percent capacity for many years. This section beside the dam was a raging torrent, washing away the road and taking everything in its path. Just recently the road was repaired and we are hoping a nearby picnic area will once again be opened to the public. I was reminded of the flooding when I heard a news/weather report earlier this week saying we are in for a hotter, drierΒ summer . . . but that’s what they said just before the floods two years ago!

Over it goes…

Today’s prompt…

When we moved to Heathcote, nearby Lake Eppalock was at only about 8% capacity but then it rained, and it rained, and it rained! Thousands of people flocked to the area to see the water rushing over the spillway. The car parks were full and there was a continual stream of traffic. Almost two years on, the Lake has remained at over 90% capacity and recent heavy rain saw the water cascading over the spillway again. A magnificent sight πŸ™‚

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