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Today’s prompt . . .

Embarrassing moments.

I’m sure you can think of lots of times when you, or someone you know, wanted to run and hide! I know I can. Why not turn them into poems or fictionalise and make a funny story?




One way to find ideas and inspiration for stories and poems is to observe the sights around you. My husband Rod laughed when I related an incident to him last week and together we wondered what our neighbours must have thought. I’ll set the scene . . .

Early morning, drizzling rain, biting wind, a woman wearing hot pink Winnie-the-Pooh pyjamas and gum boots, frizzy bed-hair, desperately running up and down the paddocks calling Bella, Bella . . .

Bella has been a terrific houseguest and usually comes back when I call but that morning she went exploring! She eventually appeared on the verandah, covered in mud with her head titled to one side as if to say What’s wrong?

I’m sure anyone looking out their window must have wondered about that crazy lady in the yellow house!


Laugh out loud!

Today’s prompt…

I took this photo at Gladstone’s Tondoon Botanical Gardens last year when I flew up to meet my grandson Jackie. There were more Kookaburras there than I have ever seen (heard) before. I don’t hear as many Kookaburras here in Heathcote as I used to in Traralgon but still hear a few through the trees now and then, a wonderful sound, and rarely go out in the car without seeing one viewing the world from the power lines.

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