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Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

All I ask this year is for a BIG FAT bank account and a slim body.

And…please don’t get it mixed up like you did last year 😦

It’s not my original thought but, sadly, it’s very close to home!

I hope it inspires some fun writing 🙂

Shopping List

Today’s prompt…

You don’t really think I only need 10 things when I go shopping, do you? I make a shopping list every week . . . but I forget to take it with me about 9 weeks out of 10 😦

NaNoWriMo Update: Yesterday started well. The couple of hundred words I thought I’d get done before attacking a few things on my ‘to-do’ list turned into about 750 but, unfortunately, when I came back to the story later in the day each word was an effort. I think it was partly due to me taking the laptop into the lounge while I watched the return of Once Upon A Time and staying there and half watching the shows that followed, not full concentrating on the story. Then again, I think I hit a slow patch and that made it easier to be distracted. Either way, I’m staying here in the spare room/office away from distractions while I write today 🙂 I’ve got 41,432 words now and can’t thank everyone enough for all the encouragement. It really helps after a slow day 🙂

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