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Today’s writing prompt:

Something happened along the way . . .

A few years ago a lady rang me to say she wanted to buy an item I had advertised for sale and would be at my house in about an hour. She turned up four days later and seemed very surprised when I mentioned that I’d thought she was coming earlier and must have changed her mind. She didn’t give an explanation but I’ve always wondered . . .

Lost and Found

Today’s prompt . . .

It’s here somewhere; I know it is.

Knowing me, I probably can’t see for looking 😦

But I will find it!


A sad prompt today . . .


Unfortunately, Jess’ beautiful Cavalier King Charles is still missing despite an all night search, ads on Gumtree, contacting vets, council etc.

Hopefully, the prompt will inspire stories with happy endings as we are still hoping for. Pet owners the world over will understand how it feels 😦

Going somewhere?


We know of a couple of ‘No Through Roads’ in our area that do go through . . . perhaps the residents prefer less traffic 🙂


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