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Magic Beans


Today’s prompt…despite the lack of rain, the heat, wind and poor soil, our Purple King beans have produced a small crop 🙂


…and they tasted delicious! I’ve grown these beans many times over the years and I still love watching the way they change from purple to green after just a few minutes in boiling water

We have extreme weather conditions forecast here for the next week and there are already fires burning in South Australia. I hope everyone stays safe.

Positive Words April Mini-competition results MAGIC

Here are the results of the Positive Words April Mini-competition featuring the word MAGIC Positive Words April 2012 Mini

And details of upcoming Mini-competitions if you would like to enter mini themes 2012

For overseas entries, please contact me regarding entry fee

I look forward to a full mailbox 🙂

Mini-Competition Reminder

Entries for the Positive Words April Mini-Competition need to be posted by Monday 30 April 2012.

The word this month is MAGIC.

For those new to the monthly mini-competitions, entrants need to write a poem in ten lines or less, or a short story in 100 words or less and include the word for the month – MAGIC. (The words for the rest of 2012 are listed under Competitions at the side)

Entry fee is $1.20 in unused stamps for Australian entrants or 2 x IRCs for International entrants. (If IRCs are a problem where you live, please email/contact me ( and we will arrange an alternative 🙂

The prize is a six-month subscription to Positive Words magazine – a monthly 24 page, A4 magazine featuring stort stories, poetry and articles from fellow writers, writing hints, daily topics and competition advice.

Entering is a great way for new writers to dip their toes in the water and get a feel for competitions, and for established writers to exercise their writing muscles. And, at this end, the stamps and IRCs help with the big postage bill to send out the magazine each month.

Thank you to all who have already sent their entries and to everyone considering an entry…or two 🙂

So…if a Magical idea pops into your head over the weekend…get it in the mail by Monday and you could be the next winner 🙂

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