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Swooping season

Today’s writing prompt:


Fortunately, the magpies in my area are friendly but I have had a few not-so-pleasant encounters in the past šŸ˜¦

TEN Times a Day

Today’s prompt…

I know I’ve posted a photo of my Magpie visitors before. They areĀ getting cheekier and visit up to TEN times a day, calling out if I don’t notice them waiting and often hovering over April and Jasper’s pen in case they score a crumb or two. I studied our bird book and I’m pretty sure these two are male and female, so perhaps we’ll haveĀ lots more vistors soon šŸ™‚

NaNoWriMo update: This will sound like one of those excuses but truly our power went out yesterday afternoon at 3 o’clock and wasn’t restored until 2am. My ageingĀ computer battery doesn’t give me much time away from power but I managed to hand write several pages by candlelight once we realised the first estimated restoration at 7pm had changed to 10pm, and then again even later. Fortunately I did add about 700 words earlier in the day but I’ve got lots of re-typing to do today, if I can decipher my writing šŸ˜¦


Today’s prompt…

Every day we are visited by a growing number of Magpies hoping we will throw them some crumbs. Often some at the back door and a couple more at the front.

Fortunately, no swoopers and they do sing beautifully for their supper šŸ™‚

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