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Send them in :)

Today’s prompt . . .

Return to sender.

With ELVIS as the word for the monthly mini-competition, I hope some of his song titles inspire you over the next few days.

Use them for competition entries or longer magazine submissions . . . but do send them in 🙂

Submissions & Subscriptions for Positive Words


It’s in the mail!


Thank you to all the kind people who’ve been sending me their used stamps . . . I do appreciate it 🙂

If anyone has any unwanted, used stamps (Australian or foreign) please send to Positive Words, PO Box 798, Heathcote 3523, Victoria, Australia.  Thanks!

Apparently, Australia Post is considering charging us an annual fee for mail delivery. Sounds like double-dipping to me 😦

We pay postage to include the cost of delivery and now they want it at the other end, too. Will they reduce the cost of postage to allow for it? I doubt it! Last week I discovered a link on the bottom of my PO receipt for a survey where consumers can have their say. or phone 1800 022 535

Adding an extra postal charge will be yet another hurdle for Positive Words magazine which already runs on a shoe-string. As I’ve said before, it’s a labour-of-love and I don’t get any wages/payments etc from it and, in fact, this month I’ll be taking  from my own savings to pay the shortfall in printing and postage 😦

For anyone interested in a great read or an inspirational gift for a fellow writer . . . subscriptions are always very welcome. Details here for Australian readers/subscribers Submissions & Subscriptions for Positive Words   and for International readers/subscribers International subscription rates for POSITIVE WORDS.2   You can receive a sample copy by sending $2.40 in unused stamps or 3 for a $6 book of stamps 🙂  International readers contact me for details

Thank you everyone 🙂


February Issue Update

I’ve just heard from the Printer that there was a further delay due to a machinery malfunction but he should have them finished tomorrow. I guess that means I’ll be able to pick them up on Monday and I will endeavour to have them all in the mail by Monday night 🙂

Ten Stamps

Today’s prompt…

As you can imagine, I use LOTS of stamps every month! I think these ones are really pretty 🙂

Stamps from the competitions are a big help and a few readers simply send a book of stamps each month instead of a subscription 🙂 It all adds up!

NaNoWriMo Update: My story flowed well yesterday and I’ve left it on a mini-cliff hanger I’m eager to continue today 🙂 My total is 23,619, just a little over the target. Today is the halfway point and all going well I will pass 25,000 words 🙂 Thanks for the messages and emails of encouragement – they really help!

What will this week bring?

Today’s prompt…

Monday morning and I’m hoping my PO Box is filled every day this week 🙂


Today’s prompt.

I’m ready to drive to Traralgon to pick up and post the May issue today – unfortunately, my exports won’t need containers quite this size 🙂


Today’s writing prompt…

This is my Post Office box – certainly not the prettiest piece of architecture in the street and definitely NOT when I find it loaded with those horrid window-faced envelopes 😦

I don’t collect the mail every day as it’s a ten kilometre drive into town and VERY disappointing when there’s not much there. On the other hand…sometimes it is filled with treasure 🙂 poems and stories, and lovely encouraging letters from subscribers and contributors. I appreciate every one!  Positive Words is now in its tenth year and I couldn’t have done it without all your wonderful support.

So…if you’ve ever wondered where your letters go, this is it 🙂

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