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Today’s writing prompt:

Four seasons in one day!

Something often said of Melbourne/Victorian weather.

Today, here in Heathcote, we have 16 degrees Celsius, cold wind, rain and I travelled through some hail earlier on my way home from Geelong. Yesterday 30 degrees and hot, hardly a breath of wind. At least it’s never boring 🙂

Going Nowhere


This vehicle isn’t going anywhere just now but, fortunately, no such dramas on the bus on my trip to Adelaide 🙂 I wanted to spend the weekend with my daughter and her partner but didn’t feel like another long drive. Flights were expensive, perhaps due to the cricket test currently being held in Adelaide so I decided to take the bus. A new experience to write about! Lots of great story ideas formed as I sat surrounded by snorers and a very interesting bunch of fellow travellers so I’m sure I’ll be penning a story set on a bus very soon. I might include a flat tyre . . .

The West Gate Bridge


Last weekend we explored the area around Williamstown and the West Gate Bridge.

The bridge spans the Yarra River and is 336metres long. I love the way the area beneath it has been developed.

On the Road


Rod needed to pick something up in Melbourne yesterday so we drove a little further and did some exploring 🙂

More bargains?


There might be more bargains here, too, but the exterior doesn’t have quite the same class as the previous post!!

I took this one from the bus window a few weeks ago.

Rhino Magic


I guess being hit by a tram would be much like a charging Rhino on a skateboard 🙂



‘Art’ is definitely in the eye of the beholder, as is literary preference etc . . . etc . . .

This piece is near Etihad Stadium in Melbourne. It is bright, colourful and certainly stands out.

A dictionary description of ‘art’ reads: the quality, production, expression , or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance

It is more than ‘ordinary’, and did attract my attention although I’m not sure it is particularly beautiful or appealing to my eye.

I confess I wonder what it cost (probably megabucks) and I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking I could have made my fortune with a couple of pool noodles 🙂

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