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Stop the merry-go-round ~ I want to get off!

That’s today’s prompt ­čÖé

I’m sure you’ve all had days/weeks/months like that ­čśŽ

Unfortunately, here it’s been a one-thing-after-another period.┬áCoinciding with┬ásome┬ávery difficult times┬áfor those near and dear to me, I’ve been a bit unwell but tests come back today. And, yesterday my precious little dog April had a trip to the vet after ‘doing’ her back. Jasper has recovered on medication and strict crate rest twice in the past so I’m hoping little April who has been through so much in her life will similarly get back on her paws. Unfortunately, it’s a problem with Dachshunds and they are both in their senior years.

I think I must have walked under a ladder (or two) in the path of a black cat, broken a mirror, spilt salt and opened an umbrella indoors, all on Friday the 13th ­čśŽ

Hoping someone will pull the plug on that merry-go-round . . . soon ­čÖé

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