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JULY Mini-Competition Results

Another BIG thank you for your entries this month 🙂

The prize has been divided between to entrants/entries, one from Peter J Lingard, the other from Jan Stringer. Congratulations!

Full results can be found here:   Positive Words JULY 2017 Mini Results

I look forward to lots of entries in the October mini-competition. The word is BUILDING (see details under competitions at the top of the page) and need to be posted by 31 October.

JUNE Mini-Competition Results

Thank you to everyone who entered; the support really helps to keep Positive Words magazine in print and is very much appreciated.

Congratulations to Rosemary Lade for her winning entry.

Full results can be found here: Positive Words JUNE 2017 Mini Results

If you would like to enter the current Mini-competition the word is BUILDING (entry details under competitions at the top of the page).

February Mini-competition Results

Sincere thanks to everyone who entered the competition – I really appreciate the support.

Congratulations to this month’s winner Marie Vonow!

Please find full results here: Positive Words FEBRUARY 2017 Mini Results

More results will be posted soon 🙂

June Mini Competition

Entries for the June Mini competition need to be posted by 30 June 2017.

The word for the month is BLUE. Each entry needs to be accompanied by the entry fee – $2 in unused stamps.

For further information mini themes 2017

Thanks 🙂

Fillers wanted

Every month when preparing Positive Words magazine for print, I always have little spaces to fill. From two or three lines to single paragraph or verse.

Short pieces are often just as memorable as longer ones and it is a great way to get started if you’ve never been published or to hone your skills and keep momentum flowing for experienced writers.

Do you have any fillers? Very short stories, writing hints, anecdotes, Haiku, Tanka, Limericks etc . . . I’d love to see them 🙂

Please send in hard copy to: The Editor, Sandra James, Positive Words magazine, PO Box 798, Heathcote 3523, Victoria Australia.

You can find further information, submission and subscription details here Submissions & Subscriptions for Positive Words

June Mini-competition results

Sincere thanks to everyone who entered the June mini-competition featuring the word PILLOW.

Some really great stories in 100 words or less and poems in ten lines or less.

Well done, everyone! Judging is never easy and I do appreciate the effort put into each entry.

I hope you will all continue to enter the Positive Words Mini-competitions.

The June results can be found here: Positive Words JUNE 2014 Mini

February Mini-competition results

Apologies for the slow judging  – I have been unwell as well as a number of ‘hiccups’ going on around me.

My health is improving now and I’m endeavouring to catch up 🙂

Here are the results for the February Mini-competition Positive Words February 2014 Mini

Thank you all for the much-needed support which is a big help in keeping the magazine going.

PS – The March results will be posted soon.

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