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The In-laws are Coming!


Actually, they’ve been and gone . . . yesterday my parents-in-law came for lunch and a pleasant afternoon catching up and solving the world’s problems 🙂

My Mother-in-Law gave me the beautiful hen a few weeks ago . . . no reason, she just saw it while browsing in a shop and thought I’d like it. I do 🙂 Very much!

I’m lucky, Noeline and Don are wonderful but over the years I’ve written quite a few stories and poems about very scary In-laws!

One of the very first poems I wrote in a writing group was about a particularly scary M-I-L. It certainly wasn’t Shakespeare but everyone laughed. Years later I met one of the ladies from that group who told me she still had a copy and it still made her laugh. I was thrilled.

In-Laws are a great inspiration for writing . . . if you have a story or poem, do send it in 🙂   (Positive Words magazine, PO Box 798, Heathcote 3523, Victoria)


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