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On the Tip of my Tongue

Today’s writing prompt:

I know the face . . . but what is her name?


Great titles


I don’t know what this business does . . . but I love the name 🙂

Sometimes I spend hours trying to get the perfect title for a story or poem (and fortunately, sometimes they come much more easily!) but I always think it’s worth it. The right title really sets up a story or poem and attracts readers.

Many mini-competition entrants simply use the word for the month as their title which often means half or more of the entries have the same title. The titles/names are not included in the 100word-for-stories/ten-lines-for-poems limit, so take the time to come up with a more gripping title . . . it could be that final decider between the short-listed entries. I can’t speak for other competitions and different judges but I’m sure they do look at the overall big picture.

What’s in a Name?


Philomena mentioned some of the unusual place names in her state (Tasmania) so I thought I’d post one we saw recently.

I don’t know how it’s pronounced . . . hopefully like ‘dingy’ as in the boat, not as in dark and gloomy. The little town certainly seemed bright and cheerful when we passed through 🙂

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