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On top of the world

Overlooking Heathcote 🙂

Enough is enough


This poor Frill-necked Lizard decided enough was enough . . . two humans gawking at him from all angles, so . . . headed for the nearest tree!



Pelicans roosting in a tree at Lake Eppalock 🙂


Good morning :)

Today’s prompt…

He/she doesn’t look impressed but I’m not surprised . . . I almost stepped on him on my way to feed the chooks! Later, Rod found some babies under a nearby pile of pine posts he was using to build a fence. They are harmless but a little frightening when you come across one unexpectedly, in that second before you establish that it isn’t a Joe Blake!


Today’s prompt…

I think any self-respecting owl would be very offended by this effigy! They are sold in garden centres supposedly to scare away unwanted birds from crops . . . Why not try it? said one member of our household. Thus, this ugly specimen sits in our orchard much to the amusement of the visiting birdlife.

Somebody, somewhere, had a brilliant idea . . . who, I don’t know but I’m sure he/she is laughing all the way to the bank because I’ve seen enough clones of this ornithological misfit to cast a re-make of The Birds.



Watching the Grass Grow

A writing prompt for today. And while you’re waiting for inspiration why don’t you take a break outside, relax and watch the grass grow 🙂

After living out of our shed for two years, my husband and I finally moved into our house last November. The ground surrounding it is dry and dusty but slowly and surely the stalks of grass I planted are growing 🙂

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