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Keeping Up

Today’s prompt:

Keeping up with the Joneses.


Changing times

Today’s prompt . . .

Could I borrow a cup of sugar?

A common question in stories, TV and film in the past but these days there are so many people who don’t know their neighbours.

New Neighbours


Our neighbours-across-the-road have Alpacas but I rarely see them near the front of the property. A couple of days ago I noticed them peeping over the fence as I did some mowing but by the time I raced (well, sort of lolloped, scrambled, jogged!) back to the house to get my camera they’d moved 😦

But I took a photo anyway 🙂



Trying to get Bella to sit still for a photo next to my Brisbane Lions sign and wearing a yellow scarf was almost impossible but I wanted to send it to her master, my one-eyed Carlton supporter Elijah, who is holidaying in Scotland at the moment. We’re a family of jokers. When Elijah was in his teens we lived on a small farmlet and had great neighbours just over the fence. They were keen Richmond fans and often went to matches. One time when Carlton defeated Richmond, I made a tiny Carlton jumper and hat and we dressed their Richmond garden gnome in it before they arrived home. Lots of good-natured teasing and they very best of neighbours 🙂

When my children were very young, we live in town with very close neighbours, some very nice, others . . . not so nice 😦

Now Rod and I live on another farmlet but our nearest neighbours are much further away and we rarely see them.

Good neighbours, bad neighbours and the eccentric and quirky . . . they all make for great stories and poems 🙂

Good Neighbours


I snapped this photo from the window of the bus when I travelled to Melbourne last Friday. I don’t know much about it but it sounds wonderful . . . Neighbour Day 🙂 I’ve written several stories and poems about neighbours; mostly good ones and, of course, a few eccentric characters.

Neighbours, real or fictional, are great prompts for writing 🙂

Nosy neighbour

Today’s prompt…

This curious alpaca lived in the paddock opposite my son Pip’s house when he first moved there (right on the edge of town) three years ago, with a flock of sheep. Unfortunately, he moved away last year when building commenced on a government building (the sign says education centre).  There is still a great view of the Strzelecki Ranges to the other side but I miss seeing this particular neighbour when I visit.

Makes me think of all the different neighbours I’ve had over the years – some good, some not so great but some interesting characters for stories.

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