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Lucky or Unlucky?

Today’s prompt . . .

She froze when she turned her desk calendar  to the new date.

Opinions are divided about the good or bad fortunes associated with Friday the Thirteenth.

I’m sitting on the fence and will wait for the benefit of hindsight to report tomorrow 🙂

Bad Omens

Today’s prompt . . .

Just in time she stopped herself from walking under the ladder, only to see a black cat slink across her path.

No, it’s not Friday the Thirteenth but I do know someone who is having that kind of bad luck every day 😦



Rod noticed this spider on our bedroom wall on the weekend and remembered it is supposed to be sign that rain is on the way . . .

And, I’ve just checked the rain gauge . . . a very welcome 8mm  overnight and lots of dark clouds in the distance 🙂

Ipsy Wipsy (AKA Itsy Bitsy, Incy Wincy etc) is making himself at home in the walk-in robe now.

Signs, omens etc make great starting points or inspirations for stories and poems 🙂


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