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A New Lease of Life


The dark blue/navy squares on this quilt spent their early lives (beginning more than 25 years ago) as two tablecloths, beside matching drapes in my old home. I cut out the good bits and added some calico and flannelette and now I have a quilt/throw which will be useful perhaps for another 25 years 🙂

Recently I’ve been going over a lot of my old stories and poems, too. There are quite a few that could be given new lives as updated versions, trimmed or expanded, and others that could possibly work in a different style i.e. poems that could be the basis for a story or stories might work as poems.

When you’re stuck for new inspiration – have a look back through your old files or notebooks. You never know what could be recycled 🙂

Lucky Cats


I bought this beautiful piece of fabric recently. It makes me smile every time I look at it 🙂




Today’s prompt…

Not my favourite appliance 😦  but I did meet one woman a few years ago who said she used ironing time to think up story plots or poems. I’m afraid mine would be very dark and gloomy!

I mostly use my iron for smoothing out fabric for patchwork but my grandmother used to even iron her sheets. Many things were starched, then sprinkled with a few drops of water to create steam. I still have her flat iron and a tiny child’s size one and was always thrilled when I was very young to be allowed to use them after the main ironing had been done, to iron the handkerchiefs. Although my Mum never ironed sheets, her ironing was always perfect too, unlike mine which is more like iron-out-two-creases-iron-a-new-one-in! When my children were young and Mum came to visit she would often ask Anything I can do to help? Any ironing?   Gladly 🙂

Prompt for Today

Here’s a prompt for today…a patchwork quilt.

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