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April Update

Good news – April came home today and apart from the obvious missing eye, is just like her old self. I have her crated just in case Jasper gets too inquisitive or they start fighting as they sometimes do, and when I took her for a toilet walk, she just kept going…

I brought her back as I didn’t want her to overdo it but she didn’t seem to have any problems apart from the usual complications of being so short…long tufts of grass and scrubby plants in the paddock are like trees to her and she did run into one but seemed unperturbed. (Jasper hasn’t fared as well – unused to being without April he barked for a fair bit of the night  and his usually deep bark was hoarse this morning. And, he must have continued when I went to pick April up because only a mouse-like squeak comes out now 😦 He’s in his crate now, too. They are just like children; always worried they are missing out on what the other might be getting.)

Animals are amazing the way they adapt. Over twenty years ago we had a cat, Pollyanna, who was injured and had to have one front leg amputated and her damaged jaw wired. Just one day after her operation I took her outside for toilet and she ended up on our garage roof as she had often loved to do. I was a nervous wreck but she calmly came down when she was ready. Polly was just one when it happened and lived for another fourteen years. I was devastated when she died, although she’d had a good life, and one month later April was born and really helped me through some tough times as there were a few other hiccups around that time!

Thank you everyone for the emails, messages and good wishes. I really appreciate them. I’ve had a topsy-turvy few days and will catch up on my responses, comments and lovely awards tomorrow 🙂

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