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Old Dogs

Today’s writing prompt:

You can teach an old dog . . .

Inspired by my two senior citizens who still act like puppies, albeit a little slower these days, and always make me smile 🙂

They are both creatures of habit but I’m sure there’s still a couple of tricks they could learn . . . as long as food was involved!


A sad prompt for today . . .

Rest in Peace.

Sadly my daughter is taking her cat Toby to the vet for the last time this morning.

Toby became ill a couple of weeks ago and after extensive (and very expensive) treatment there is nothing more that can be done.

I am sure it will strike a chord with many of you who have had to make a similar heart-breaking decision.

For my daughter, it comes after a horrendous few weeks with the most difficult situations she has ever had to face in her 31 years, yet she has shown incredible inspirational courage and consideration for others and a determination to do her very best. I am very, very proud of her.



Lots of fun for kids and perfect for deterring wayward cats, tempted to scratch where they shouldn’t, climb where they’re not allowed and generally misbehave 🙂



If you look closely at the photo you’ll see a little dog. A grey dog with black ears and tail and a red collar and lead. Just as I snapped the photo his/her walker stepped behind the Christmas decoration 😦

I was intrigued as she was wearing a grey top, black pants and red shoes and I couldn’t help wondering if the similarities were coincidental, subconscious or planned.

I’ll never know but I’m sure it does make a good prompt for a story or poem 🙂

Do you look or dress like one of your pets?

Nine Lives


Our visiting magpie, Maggie (very innovative name!), frequently dices with death in between her demands for food at our back door. She first appeared last year as a young, still fluffy chick, squawking loudly behind mum and dad as they tentatively approached our back door for food. She learnt quickly and before long it was Maggie making herself known at the door, then calling to her parents as soon as she’d conned me into providing yet another meal.

Then she disappeared for a few days and I found myself searching the tree branches and roof top for the familiar winged figure. Finally she reappeared, hunched over, sporting a huge wound on the back of her head and her wings drooping. I wondered if she would survive but she grew stronger every day and was soon back to her old cheeky self, albeit with a scar to show for whatever adventure she’d had.

A few months ago she had an encounter with my son’s dog Bella when she came as usual to the back door not knowing I was sitting my grand-dog. She ended up on the kitchen window sill with most of the ornaments in the sink and our wireless internet gadget at the bottom of a saucepan I’d left soaking. Fortunately, she let me pick her up and take her outside and the internet gadget did eventually dry out. She was a little more careful after that until Bella returned home.

Disaster struck again about a month ago when Maggie appeared limping, one leg dragging behind her and looking rather sorry for herself. After a couple of weeks she was able to put the second leg to the ground again but I thought she’d be left with a limp. No…this week she seems to be walking perfectly and I wonder if she has a nest of young ones somewhere as she seems to be eating much more than usual.

Maggie loves to sit on the chain holding up the shade cloth over the dog pen and teases the almost blind April who can hear her but only senses movement. She dives down and steals the dog food when they aren’t looking (I do wonder if that’s why she ended up with her earlier injuries?) and any crumbs spilling from the chook pens. She serenades me from all corners of the yard and often follows me when I’m gardening, especially when there’s a juicy grub on offer.

Let’s hope she has nine lives, like a cat, because she seems to have used up three already and would be sorely missed if anything happened to her.

The October issue of Positive Words is filled with PET stories and poems, and I should warn that a box of tissues might be necessary for a couple of the tales 😦   Sure to strike a chord with pet-lovers and there are also a couple of surprises from writers who are not so fond of domesticated animals! If you would like a copy, please send $5.50  (unused stamps, cheque or money order) to Positive Words magazine, PO Box 798, Heathcote 3523, Victoria, Australia.





Even though there are three perfectly good nests in the pen, this hen preferred to lay her eggs right in the doorway and has now gone broody. I’m very careful where I step when I collect the rest of the eggs 🙂


Unusual Pets


There’s still a little space left in the October PETS issue . . . I have lots of dog, cat and chook pieces but I’d love to include more stories and poems about unusual pets.

There’s still time to send your story or poem. I don’t have an official cut-off point but please post as soon as possible.

Positive Words magazine, PO Box 798, Heathcote 3523, Victoria, Australia


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