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Ring! Ring!

Today’s writing prompt:

Off the hook.

Yesterday after three nuisance telemarketing calls to my landline, despite being on the do-not-call register, I put the phone down on my desk mid-sentence and walked away. I did intend to put it back after a an hour or so but completely forgot!

Last week, a friend who suffers from emphysema called and hesitated before responding to my somewhat strained ‘hello’. Fortunately, I realised just in time who it was and he didn’t cop an ear-full!

I love calls from friends, subscribers and anyone interested in Positive Words magazine but my blood boils when I’m constantly disturbed by someone who wants to sell me something . . . particularly when I’m struggling to get my NaNoWriMo total up to the target.


Today’s prompt…

No, it wasn’t me but someone out there is $10,000 richer 🙂 That’s the kind of call I’d like to get in the morning but usually I get a caller asking for the local doctor, who apparently had our number before us! Perhaps tomorrow morning I should enter…

NaNoWriMo Update: Yesterday proved to be another good writing day and I added well over the target number of words. I’ve been trying to do that bit extra to give myself a little leeway in case of the unexpected but now two days ahead…I don’t want to give up my extra. I see that finish line ahead and even though I know my story will take at least 20,000 words more than the NaNo target, I’m hoping I’ll get it all done before Christmas. My total stands at 37,160 and although I don’t have as many ideas ready this morning, I’m sure something will inspire me. Failing that I might have to do housework!

The Phone Book

Today’s prompt…

When I started work just out of High School as a Cadet Journalist for my local newspaper, the Editor told me the Phone Book would become my best friend. Inside its covers I would find a wealth of information and leads for stories. He was right, and long after I left work to be a stay-home Mum to my four wonderful children I still used the Phone Book frequently. But these days the print volume is sadly  neglected while I look things up on line 😦

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