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Last reminder :)

Today’s prompt and the last reminder about this month’s Mini-competition featuring the word PILLOW . . .

She sobbed into her pillow.

mini themes 2014


What sort of pillow do you prefer? Feather, polyester, foam, soft, firm, thick, thin?

Don’t forget entries for the June Mini-competition, using the word PILLOW, need to be posted by midnight tomorrow 🙂

mini themes 2014

More pillows

Today’s prompt . . .

The softest pillow is a clear conscience.

Another PILLOW quote to inspire you for this month’s mini-competition 🙂

Pillow talk

Today’s prompt . . .

Pillow talk.

Hopefully this one will inspire some interesting tales 🙂

And don’t forget this month’s mini-competition. The word for July is PILLOW.

You can find details here:  mini themes 2014

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