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Random Act of Kindness


Today a really lovely young woman I’d only just met gave me this beautiful¬† Cyclamen :)

A kind and totally unexpected act of thoughtfulness . . . I will treasure it.

Have you ever been the recipient of a random act of kindness?

Green Fingers

Today’s prompt . . .

She had a green thumb.

Rather late because I spent much of the day taking advantage of some winter sunshine, pottering in the garden :)

In my case it’s more muddy fingers than a green thumb but still fun!

Going Potty


Today’s prompt…

Time to take cuttings from my favourite geraniums . . .  lots of new plants from old :)

You can make new stories and poems the same way. If you’re stuck for inspiration or your muse has taken an extended Christmas holiday, read through some of your old stories and poems, take a line or paragraph, plant it in your fertile mind, feed it with a cup of coffee and a little treat . . . and see what grows :)


One Man’s Trash…

Today’s writing prompt…

One man/woman’s trash is another man/woman’s treasure :)

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