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Competition Entries

If anyone is having trouble downloading or printing the entry form for the Positive Words End-of-year Short Story & Poetry Competition you can send your entry with a cover sheet instead.

Thank you for all the support so far and I look forward to seeing lots more entries in my mail box 🙂

Entries need to be posted by 31 October. It doesn’t matter if they don’t arrive by that date – mail delivery is a tad unreliable so as long as you post by 31 October your entry/entries will be included.

Entry form

February Mini-competition Results

Once again, sincere thanks to all who entered and congratulations to the winners and short-listed entrants.

Please find the results here:Positive Words FEBRUARY 2018 Mini Results

The word for July is MINE. I look forward to lots of entries. Entry details here: mini themes 2018

Mini-Competition Results November 2018

Positive Words NOVEMBER 2017 Mini Results 

Here are the results for the November 2018 Mini-Competition

More coming……  🙂

End-of-Year Competition Results

My apologies for the late posting of results. Amongst the chaos during our house repairs I’m afraid quite a few things have been delayed or neglected but the house is finally back to its old self and I am endeavouring to unpack all the boxes that were hastily stowed last year and get back to some kind of order!

Please find the results here : Results

And…for those who want to enter the next competition please find an entry form here: Entry form Cover sheets are also accepted in lieu of an entry form 🙂 Entries need to be posted by 23 April, not necessarily received by then to allow for the sometimes erratic postal delivery 🙂

Thank you everyone 🙂

More Hiccups

Apologies to everyone waiting for the competition results and/or latest magazines. First the flash flood and last week I broke my ankle, followed by bad reactions to pain medication which has slowed me down a little. Just a little! The results will be posted in the next couple of days and any remaining magazines posted. Thanks everyone for your understanding 🙂

I can’t drive as it’s my right foot so have to wait until someone drives me or at least takes the mail. And…at last I have builders here starting on the repairs to our flood damaged house. Still a way to go but I’m sure by the time my ankle heals it will be a distant memory 🙂

I’m feeling much better than I did this time last week and am once again making up for lost time, all with the background hammering, sawing and banging 🙂


JUNE Mini-Competition Results

Thank you to everyone who entered; the support really helps to keep Positive Words magazine in print and is very much appreciated.

Congratulations to Rosemary Lade for her winning entry.

Full results can be found here: Positive Words JUNE 2017 Mini Results

If you would like to enter the current Mini-competition the word is BUILDING (entry details under competitions at the top of the page).


Only ten days left to mail your Positive Words Short Story and Poetry competition entries.

Entries need to be posted by 23 April 2012. I receive a lot of emails asking if they have to arrive by then and the answer is NO.

I discovered very early into Positive Words that the mail service can sometimes be a little erratic – I’ve had letters take up to two weeks to travel 100 kilometres. Oh, the stories they could tell! Mostly, everything arrives within two or three business days but to save that awful panic when you leave your entries until the last moment and worry they won’t make it in time, put them in the post box by midnight on the 23rd and they WILL be entered 🙂

I am always intrigued by the way entries are sent. A few regular entrants send their entries three or four months before the closing date but often almost half the total entries arrive in the last week. One friend told me she likes to send hers in at the last possible moment because she hates the waiting time to find out if her story or poem has won a prize. An early-enterer told me she likes to get in early so she always has something to look forward to.

Do you send your writing competition entries early, late or in-between? I confess I’m usually one of the late ones for no other reason than my terrible procrastination, always worrying that I’ll come up with something ‘better’ after I’ve sent my entry in. I decided to break my late habit a few years ago and confidently sent off my entries in a poetry competition almost as soon as it was announced. A couple of weeks after the closing date I checked the website just in case judging was extra swift…alas, the closing date for the competition had been extended by two months! But, if patience is a virtue (albeit the enforced kind), this story has a happy ending and I received my reward after the second closing date – Second Prize 🙂 

So…did my win give me an incentive to get all my entries in early after that? Unfortunately, not. I quickly reverted to my procrastinating ways, back to dropping my entries into the post box with a fervent prayer that the postal truck breaks all speed records and gets them there on time. Some people never learn 😦


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