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Simple Things


One of the most useful things in the kitchen 🙂

Mashed, baked, chipped, fried…


Today’s prompt…

The tops of our potatoes are looking good, too. Hopefully, there will be lots of bounty beneath the soil and mulch. Mashed, baked, chipped or fried; I’m sure we’ll try them all 🙂

Writing prompts are like that . . . you can try them in all different ways 🙂


Remember those Potatoes?

Today’s prompt…

Remember those sprouting potatoes from a prompt a couple of weeks ago?

If only the ideas I had for stories were progressing as well 😦

I procrastinate, Mother Nature quietly goes about her work. I think there’s a big lesson there for me!

Time to Plant!

Today’s prompt…

After lots of rain yesterday, today is sunny with blue sky and a gentle breeze. Time to plant these potatoes I found sprouting in the shed!

I’m reminded of ‘Rapunzel, Rapunzel…let down your hair.”      Potato, Potato…let down your sprouts!


Today’s prompt…

Mashed, fried, chipped, scalloped, salad, baked or shepherd’s pie . . . they’re all good 🙂

{The ‘Master-peeler’ is my daughter Jess :)}

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