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Today’s writing prompt 🙂

No need to tell you this magnificent creation looks nothing like the upturned buckets of sand decorated with a few sea shells that were my childhood sandcastles!

This photo was taken in Rundle Mall, Adelaide, while visiting my daughter a few years ago.

Big Bunny

Writing prompt for today…

I’m begging this BIG bunny for my Easter Eggs this year!

Alas, his heart is made of stone 😦

Watching the Grass Grow

A writing prompt for today. And while you’re waiting for inspiration why don’t you take a break outside, relax and watch the grass grow 🙂

After living out of our shed for two years, my husband and I finally moved into our house last November. The ground surrounding it is dry and dusty but slowly and surely the stalks of grass I planted are growing 🙂

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