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Writing the Negatives

I read an article this morning about a UK writer who wrote a column about the trials of being too beautiful. Not surprisingly, there’s been a huge response with thousands of comments on the Daily Mail website (many with negatives about her beauty) and a twitter campaign trying to deflate her ego. Although I would love to see as many comments on this blog, I have a feeling the writer might be wishing she had worded her thoughts a little more tactfully. Then again, perhaps she has enough confidence not to worry about the daggers and is revelling in the any-publicity-is-good-publicity response.

I don’t think everything should be sugar-coated but most people tune out or avoid whiners and complainers and for writers that could mean losing your audience. I’m sure there is a down side to being beautiful but it is awfully hard to convince many of us mere mortals who shun mirrors and camera lenses. I think a little humour and tongue-in-cheek is probably one of the best ways to complain without sounding like you are whining but, of course, I’m not the one with mega-hits on my blog 😦

Have you got something you’d like to get off your chest? Try writing about it but with a twist; show, don’t tell! And please send them in – although the magazine is called Positive Words, it doesn’t mean everything has to have a positive slant to it. The positive refers to the act of doing something positive with your work, sending it out instead of hiding it in a drawer.

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