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Bella and the Pumpkin


Bella discovered a few under-sized pumpkins on the back verandah that I was planning to cook up for the chooks and thought they made great balls to play with 🙂

Then . . . while I was on the phone she decided to be really helpful and chewed this one up into nice, small, chook-sized morsels all over the rug 🙂

There’s never a dull moment with Bella around!

Harvest time


Although we’ve had it very dry for more than six months, we did manage to harvest a nice crop of pumpkins over the weekend 🙂

The rabbits attacked most other plants but left the pumpkins alone.

And . . . through the night we had some welcome rain with more promising clouds on the horizon 🙂

Don’t tell the rabbits!


The rabbits have eaten just about everything else in the garden but, so far, have left the pumpkins alone . . . I hope they aren’t waiting for the fruit to ripen then beat us to them. All those buckets are paying off in the pumpkin patch 🙂 and since the rain the rabbits there’s a little grass so the rabbits have been a bit less destructive!


Today’s prompt…

I don’t know what the orange flowering creeper is but it sure looks great behind the oranges and pumpkins on this roadside stall we saw on our way back from Gawler a few weeks ago.

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