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Old Dogs

Today’s writing prompt:

You can teach an old dog . . .

Inspired by my two senior citizens who still act like puppies, albeit a little slower these days, and always make me smile 🙂

They are both creatures of habit but I’m sure there’s still a couple of tricks they could learn . . . as long as food was involved!


Today’s prompt…

Sailing on Lake Nagambie…opposite yesterday’s water tower.

Thirteen years ago, I bought April’s mother (Becky) from a breeder at Kyabram, not far from Nagambie, and on the way home we stopped for a coffee from our thermos beside Lake Nagambie on a beautiful sunny day.  I was thrilled with my beautiful puppy, never knowing I would one day move close to the area. Sadly, I lost Becky (and her other daughter Princess) to cancer but April is doing fine after her recent surgery.

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