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The Mayor…


…of Geelong 🙂

Note the little cotton-tail at the bottom of the Mayoral trousers? Many of the bollards along the Geelong foreshore include rabbits, a reminder that the first rabbits were released in Australia at Winchelsea, near Geelong by Thomas Austin (1815 – 1871) in 1859. He thought they would do no harm and be a reminder of home (England). Oooops!

Happy Easter!


Happy Easter Everyone!  And, thank you for all your views, kind comments and support over the past year – I’m a bit late, the blog started one year and three days ago!

I think I’m on the Easter Bunny’s black list after all my complaints about the local bunnies destroying our garden but at least we can enjoy a Hot Cross Bun for breakfast 🙂

Don’t tell the rabbits!


The rabbits have eaten just about everything else in the garden but, so far, have left the pumpkins alone . . . I hope they aren’t waiting for the fruit to ripen then beat us to them. All those buckets are paying off in the pumpkin patch 🙂 and since the rain the rabbits there’s a little grass so the rabbits have been a bit less destructive!


Today’s prompt…

Today I woke with old favourite song on my mind…Today by John Denver. It takes me back many years! And I can still remember every word 🙂 I was lucky to see him perform in Melbourne twice 🙂

Here today, the weather is perfect. Warm and sunny with the tiniest hint of a breeze. And there are baby rabbits playing along the verandah, frustrating Bailey who longs to go out and join them!

NaNoWriMo Update: I’m well on target with 15,335 words 🙂 but, unfortunately my mind this morning is blank and I’m not sure where to take my characters next. I need to stop enjoying the sunshine and bunnies and get to work!

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