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Today’s writing prompt:

Four seasons in one day!

Something often said of Melbourne/Victorian weather.

Today, here in Heathcote, we have 16 degrees Celsius, cold wind, rain and I travelled through some hail earlier on my way home from Geelong. Yesterday 30 degrees and hot, hardly a breath of wind. At least it’s never boring 🙂


Today’s writing prompt:

One drop, then another. Finally they dared to hope the drought was over.

I’m listening to the sound of rain on the roof 🙂 No drought yet, although recent forecasts have predicted a very hot dry summer 😦

We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, if we have to, but for now my garden is surely smiling 🙂



Today’s prompt . . .

You can’t have a rainbow without rain.

Hope it inspires something special 🙂

A Holiday

Today’s prompt . . .

I want a day off!

Actually, my to-do list is much too long and it’s pouring outside so I’d much prefer to stay in and catch up but while I finish my coffee I’ll take a minute to dream about what I would do if I had a day off 🙂

What would you do?

Send an entry in to the Positive Words May Mini-competition? The word this month is STAIRCASE and you can find the entry details on yesterday’s post 🙂


Today’s prompt…

She grinned, then stamped her foot in the centre of the puddle.

You guessed it . . . rain here 🙂


Great weather for ducks


Not sure why but I can’t load new photos onto the blog so I’ve recycled an old one 🙂

Our yard isn’t as green as in the photo but with lots of rain through the night and more expected I’m hoping it will be green again soon.



It’s not a big puddle but it is a puddle 🙂

A little welcome rain last evening along with lots of thunder and lightning.

What is the weather doing in your area?

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