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Reading the fine print


Trouble is . . . as you get older it’s all fine print  😦

I’ve godda cold :(


My first, and hopefully last, cold of the winter season!

I can’t complain, over the past ten years I’ve had very few colds even when those around me weren’t so lucky.

It’s not a bad one, not particularly debilitating, just annoying . . . I’ve had to blow my nose three times since starting this post!

A good chance to stay inside and warm, and catch up on some reading 🙂

Ten Books

Today’s prompt..

Although I read every day, blogs, submissions, emails and magazines, I rarely find time to read longer works.My collection of must reads is growing although I don’t browse in bookshops any more lest I find another title I desperately want to read. The TEN above are just a few on my waiting list. I started reading Ita a few months ago as you can see by the bookmark but I haven’t progressed in a while even though I was thoroughly enjoying it. And what it one of the first rules of writing? Read! I must try and find some time!

NaNoWriMo Update: Yesterday was very busy but I kept coming back to the computer and adding ‘just a few more words’ which kept me in sight of the daily and overall targets. Late last night, I could hardly keep my eyes open but finished just over 200 words short, inspired by my post yesterday about my dear Uncle Ric. I gave my main character a special uncle, too 🙂

My total stands at 19,785 and today I’m aiming to add 2000 words. Wish me luck 🙂

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