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Writing prompt

Today’s prompt . . .

Behind the red door.




A little inspiration for the colour theme.

At the first short story and poetry competition presentation I attended many years ago, the judge said she chose the winning story not only for being a good story and well written, but for the clever use of colour. In this case RED. The winner read it out, filled with references to all shades of red, from vermillion lipstick to scarlet clothes. It really added to the story and I could see why it was clearly a winner.

The judge also said that she had been looking for ‘suburban’ stories, the new frontier in writing. I assumed my effort had no chance as it was set on a farm . . . but, I was very pleasantly surprised whenΒ she went on to say that she had narrowed the short-list down to three entries (there were two prizes) and one missed by a cat’s whisker. Mine πŸ™‚Β  Coming so close filled me with confidence and inspired me to write more and more. Just a few months later I won my first short story competition and came second in a poetry competition.

And the story that missed by a cat’s whisker? A couple of years later it won another competition and was later published in a major magazine πŸ™‚

That’s why I always include the short-list when announcing results from the Positive Words Short Story & Poetry competitions – I hope those who come close are as inspired as I was πŸ™‚


After the call for submissions on the theme COLOUR, it seems appropriate to include colourful quotes as prompts . . .

RED sky at night, shepherd’s delight; RED sky in the morning, shepherd’s warning.




They say the red ones go faster but looking at the cobwebs . . . this one’s been sitting for a while!

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