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It doesn’t seem all that long ago I posted another photo of my rhubarb but I’m pretty sure it was about this time last year. We feasted for a few weeks, then the hot dry summer set in and despite lots of water only a few puny stalks struggled through 😦

But the cycle comes around again and tonight we have rhubarb crumble back on the menu 🙂


Rhubarb :)

Today’s prompt…

and tonight’s dessert 🙂 TEN sticks of rhubarb.  Although it’s been very dry, I’ve managed to keep the water up to the rhubarb plants I showed in a post a few months ago and this is our second picking. Hopefully, many more to come 🙂

NaNoWriMo Update: A frustrating day for writing yesterday as my computer threw some terrible tantrums. I save after almost every sentence and back up several times a day but sometimes it refuses to recognise the storage USB or the internet USB and I have to restart, hoping it won’t fail. Yesterday I restarted 5 times and as it won’t even think about working until it’s been on for at least twenty minutes, that took away a lot of writing time 😦  I know I need a new one but had been hoping this would last a couple more months or at least weeks. On the positive side the waiting gave me no excuses not to get the vacuuming and cleaning done and I eventually made it to the daily word tally, too 🙂 43,324 words 🙂 By golly, I think she’s almost got it! Thanks again, for all the messages – if the computer behaves I will answer soon!


Today’s prompt…

The rhubarb is growing well despite the recent frost. Thankfully, no frost this morning although it is cool.

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