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Rod noticed this spider on our bedroom wall on the weekend and remembered it is supposed to be sign that rain is on the way . . .

And, I’ve just checked the rain gauge . . . a very welcome 8mm  overnight and lots of dark clouds in the distance 🙂

Ipsy Wipsy (AKA Itsy Bitsy, Incy Wincy etc) is making himself at home in the walk-in robe now.

Signs, omens etc make great starting points or inspirations for stories and poems 🙂


Rhino Magic


I guess being hit by a tram would be much like a charging Rhino on a skateboard 🙂

Stop! Editor at work!


I’m sure most of us hate stopping for roadwork . . . but we also get annoyed at bumpy roads and potholes.

Perhaps roadwork is the equivalent of editing our stories and poems. It can be a pain but is also very necessary. Last week I condensed a short story down from 1300+ words to just under 1000 to suit a competition.  I’m not sure whether I’ve smoothed out the bumps and made it better or if it needs a complete overhaul; time will tell.

I wonder if I could get a sign saying ‘Editing Hazard Ahead’?  🙂


No Parking


Today’s prompt…

Elijah, Eilidh and I visited Echuca during the week. A very hot day but we had a great time 🙂

Taking a Break

Today’s prompt…

If this billboard doesn’t get the message across, nothing will! I know, it’s hard to stop when you have a long way to go but a break really does help. I’m going to pick up the July issue tomorrow and I WILL have a break!

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