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Spicing it up!

Today’s prompt…

Whether it’s cooking or writing stories and poems, getting the right amount of spice is important 🙂

My NaNoWriMo novel has reached 47,199 words after a good run yesterday. As for spice, there’s not one swear word, no sex and no violence but it’s also not the kind of story where it would be appropriate.  I like it and I’m hoping with another 20,000 or so words and lots of editing, it will find a few readers somewhere. But before all that, a few more words to reach the NaNo target. I’ve got visitors coming for a couple of days but I’m sure I’ll squeeze in a bit more before they arrive.

Yesterday, I sent the December manuscript off to the printer after a couple of re-adjustments. A few pages came up differently on the new computer but it all came together in the end 🙂

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