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Just one of the millions beside our roads. This one on our road on a rainy morning…

What’s Special About Your Town?


Starting with the June 2012 issue, I have started a new section in Positive Words magazine – My Town.

Stories and articles should be up to 1000 words and poems up to thirty lines and can be about any special feature of the writer’s town, suburb or area. A special place, a special person, community spirit, tourist activities, local legends, outstanding achievements or the writer’s own experiences. True stories or fiction.

I’m sure everyone would love to read about towns/cities/suburbs from all around the world, so please send them in!

Contributors receive a complimentary copy of the issue in which their story/poem/article is printed 🙂

Stories, articles and poems should be submitted in hard copy and include SSAE (IRC for overseas submissions) or email address for response. For further information please contact The Editor, Sandra James, PO Box 798, Heathcote 3523, Victoria, Australia or

Printing Positive Words

Earlier this week a subscriber asked me what date each month Positive Words is printed and posted so she knows when to expect it in the mail.

I try to have the completed manuscript ready about ten days to two weeks before the start of the relevant month and then email it to the printing company. I stayed with the company I used in Traralgon, where I lived all my life until two and a half years ago, when I moved here to Heathcote because they do a great job and are good to deal with. Prior to engaging them about five years ago I had been with a printer from Moe, near Traralgon, but sadly he passed away and the business closed. I will always be indebted to him, his wife and son, for the wonderful help they gave me in starting Positive Words.

Once the printers have the manuscript I wait for a phone call or email telling me the magazines are ready. Sometimes this takes as little as three days, at other times up to two weeks depending on how many other orders they have to fill. Occasionally something goes wrong like an equipment breakdown and once the emailed manuscript went to ‘junk’ so wasn’t noticed for a few days but usually they are ready at the start of the month. True to Murphy’s Law, if I am running a little late it always seems to be the same month the printers also have a problem!

Once I get the phone call/email, I drive to Traralgon to pick them up, usually within a day or two. It’s a long way (566kilometres round trip) and a lot of fuel (which isn’t covered by subscriptions) but my parents live in Traralgon and my youngest son Pip lives in nearby Yarragon, so it is a good chance to visit. I always have the envelopes addressed and stamped and often begin the huge job of filling them while chatting with Mum and Dad, or Pip.

The April 2012 issue was emailed to the printer about ten days ago, so I will ring them on Monday morning to find out if they will be ready for posting before Easter. Fingers crossed!

The May 2012 issue is more than half done but if anyone has any Mother’s Day stories or poems they’d like to submit, there is a little space left if you send them a.s.a.p.   (Hard copy only to: Positive Words Magazine, PO Box 798, Heathcote 3523, Victoria)

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