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On the Horizon


Port Adelaide in the winter sunshine . . . but with storms on the horizon.

I wonder what today will bring?

After the storm…


…a peaceful sunny morning. Kangaroos feasting on the new green shoots. A gentle breeze. I love autumn 🙂

Not so prim ladies!

Today’s prompt…

The prim ladies from a few posts ago do let their hair/petals down on sunny days although I think they’ll be staying tighly closed today. I woke to huge thunder claps and suddenly the bedside light went on, so the power must have been out during the night. I made that all-important first mug of coffee but didn’t stop to drink it as I raced out in my pyjamas to do the outside jobs, feed the dogs and chooks and clean the dog pen before it got wet. A few heavy drops on the tin roof but it all stopped by the time I came back inside to my lukewarm caffeine . . . still, the jobs are done and with more dark clouds looming I don’t think it will be long before we get a downpour.

After the Storm

Today’s prompt…

Huge storms hit Melbourne on Thursday. Luckily I was in the supermarket during the worst part and came out to find this beautiful double rainbow 🙂

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