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Along came a spider…

Thank you everyone, for all the kind comments and emails about my stories on the ABC 500 project site. I really appreciate it and am hoping I can do a lot more writing in 2015. If you haven’t seen them, the links are below:

Today’s writing prompt:

She slid her toes into the leg of her jeans and out ran a . . . spider!

Yes…it happened this morning 😦

Okay, it was only the tiniest of spiders and didn’t cause any harm but I thought it would be a great writing prompt.

Imagine a HUGE hairy spider with big eyes and an evil grin . . .

And, remember after drying your jeans on a hot summer day . . . give them a good shake before putting them on 🙂 Just in case!

In the dunes


The last day of summer.

Hope these ‘posts’ inspire poems, stories, memories . . .

Hot Dogs


I’ve been amazed at how well my Mini-Dachshunds Jasper (14) and April (almost 12) have coped with the heat. Although we have shade in their pen it’s much cooler up on our verandah and they love their crates 🙂

Although the forecast is for another 40+ day, I think it might cool down a little earlier this afternoon and a much cooler day tomorrow.

All sewn up


With another heatwave forecast it’s good weather to stay inside and begin sewing my new quilt while reminding myself that cooler weather will come back again 🙂



Hot Water


Thankfully we have enough water in our tanks during this extended heatwave. As well as the house tanks we have several small tanks around the block filled with dam water by Rod last weekend for watering the trees and plants. The water is very warm, even first thing in the morning. I’ve been starting at daybreak to bucket as much as I can before the sun gets too hot and doing more in the evenings until dark but the trees all look good. Poor Rod has been sweltering in his truck all week (no air-con!) so we’re going to be very tired this weekend. Hopefully, the cool change expected much later today will bring some relief although authorities are saying it will possibly increase the chance of bushfires through lightning and wind. I hope everyone is safe.

I’ve draped my chook pens with old block-out curtains to keep a little of the sun off the tin and, fortunately, no more casualties yesterday. I can’t believe a few are still valiantly laying eggs despite their discomfort. (Perhaps when I go to use them they’ll already be hard-boiled!!)


The Garden Seat



The heatwave continues across Victoria (and many other places) and there’s no relief expected until the weekend.

Sadly, two of my bantam hens died yesterday and today is forecast to be even hotter 😦

Alpacas in Ugg-boots


These alpacas just around the corner from our house have been recently shorn but it looks like they’re still wearing Ugg-boots 🙂

A great idea for a children’s story although Ugg-boots are definitely not needed here today…shaping up to be another warm one.

Beside the Dam


Today’s prompt…

Our forecast says there’s a 60% chance of a little rain today . . . the clouds are passing by but, hopefully, they,ll let some down soon 🙂

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