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Just in Case


I stopped for a break in a small country town on the drive home from Gawler and noticed this old tank parked in a yard beside the rest stop . . . I guess that little town is prepared for anything 🙂

High on a Hill


Today’s prompt…

I think it took a lot of hard work to get this tank up so high! We spotted it on the road to Maryborough.

Here our tanks are replenishing quickly as steady rain continues 🙂

Tank’s Full

Today’s prompt…

After a perfect sunny, winter weekend we’ve had lots of rain. The tanks are overflowing and there’s more forecast. It’s not as cold as the frosty mornings but it’s overcast and gloomy – another perfect day to stay inside (after the chooks have been fed and the dogs walked and fed) and catch up on my mail, snail & email, and reply to all the lovely comments on the blog. My apologies, I’ve been very busy over the past couple of weeks getting the August issue to the printer, finishing a quilt for Eilidh’s birthday and two orders for booties (two lots of twelve). I’m almost finished the last bootie so the second order can be mailed on the weekend 🙂

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