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Today’s prompt . . .

How many sugars?

Ever wondered how many times you’ve asked that in your life? I know I have many times but I’m sure anyone working in a coffee shop would say it hundreds of times a day!

None for me and, of course, I always say I’m sweet enough 🙂

I’ve met people who take up to 6 sugars in one mug . . . how many do you have?

I’m a little teapot…


A very little teapot 🙂

I love real leaf tea rather than tea bags and this little gadget is perfect for a single cup when I don’t want to make a whole pot.



This morning when I opened a new packet of tea, just for a moment I felt that familiar anticipation from childhood when Mum would open a new packet to reveal a card featuring a picture of a bird (and when I was very young, animals). The cards had to be equally shared with my brother, of course, and there were often a few arguments which resulted in threats from Mum that she would keep them in future and Ian and I wouldn’t get any more 😦 That brought us into line!

Alas, the cards were discontinued a few years ago. I miss them and the beautiful pictures but still have my childhood collection, although it’s not complete.

I still enjoyed my cuppa though 🙂

Cape Barren Goose


When I was a little girl, I used to collect the Tynee Tips Bird and animal cards 🙂 The Cape Barren Goose was one of my favourites, along with the Black Cockatoos. I still have them although, unfortunately, didn’t complete the set 😦

I was very disappointed when they stopped putting them in the tea packets a few years ago as waiting for Mum to open each new tea packet (real tea, not tea bags!) was always an exciting part of my childhood even though I had to share with my little brother and, of course, we always thought each other got the best deal!

Think I’ll go make myself a mug of tea 🙂



Today’s prompt…

We spotted some wonderful old advertising signs on a shop window in Dunolly a couple of weeks ago. Seeing that Lan-choo tea packet reminds me of my Nan’s kitchen and the coupons on the end of the packet. Nan saved them and I think her church ladies’ group sent them away to buy things for missionaries. I still love ‘real’ tea rather than tea bags 🙂

Trusty Travel Mug

Today’s prompt…

Where would a long trip be without it?

Home again and a little tired! I stopped several times along the way to stretch my legs but those last 200kms were a struggle. A great trip and a nice pile of mail waiting . . . thank you for the submissions and competition entries 🙂

Jasper and April gave me a rather sleepy, oh-you’re-home welcome (clearly too well looked after while I was gone!) but Bailey was much more enthusiastic. Usually, it’s the felines who fix you with that well-if-you-go-and-leave-me-I’ll-be-aloof look but I’m sure the dogs will change their tune come breakfast time!


Finding Your Strength

Today’s prompt…

As they say. . . you don’t know your own strength until you’re in hot water!

Challenge yourself, have a go . . . see what happens 🙂

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