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Ten Ducks?

Today’s prompt…

Ten ducks? No! Earlier last week I saw groups of twelve ducks on our front lawn and no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get just ten in a photo before they flew away. Yesterday these nine kept coming back to the back lawn. I was going to pretend there were ten but I’m sure someone would have counted 😦  Note how dry it is . . .we’ve had hardly any rain in weeks and none on the immediate horizon. Daffy, Donald, Daisy, Huey, Louey, Dewy, Unclce Scrooge and the rest might have to finder a wetter climate 😦

NaNoWriMo Update: Some days I write, then look down at the total to be pleasantly surprised to  find it has grown quickly even though I’ve thought I was only adding a few words…other days I feel like I’m doing a lot but the words add up slowly. After a few hiccups I finished well after midnight but my total stands at 27,717 🙂

Turning Ten

Today’s prompt…

I had a week off school following my tenth birthday as I had the flu. Then…all better and ready to go back to school, a golf ball exploded as my brother and I attempted to extract one of those tiny bouncey rubber balls that lived inside most golf balls, directing an acidic substance into one of my eyes. It was quite a few weeks before I went back to school!

How did you start your tenth year?

Are you a TEN?

Positive Words creative writing magazine will celebrate its tenth birthday in November, 2012. Since the first issue in November 2002, the magazine has published hundred of stories, poems and articles from writers all over Australia and overseas, facilitated annual short story and poetry competitions and monthly mini-competitions, providing an approachable publication opportunity for new and established writers and great reading at a realistic price.

I am hoping to fill the November issue with stories and poems based on the theme TEN to celebrate the magazine’s milestone birthday. Any interpretation of the theme will be considered, bearing in mind the magazine is a family-rated publication. When you were ten…a perfect ten score…road trips singing ten-green-bottles…it’s up to you! And from younger writers in the community, I would especially like to hear from ten-year-old poets and scribes.

The inspiration behind Positive Words magazine was to give writers in the community an avenue for publication. Thousands of writers all over Australia meet regularly in local writing groups at Neighbourhood Houses, libraries, halls and private homes and thousands more write at home alone. Some aspire to reach the bestseller lists while others just enjoy the camaraderie of sharing their work with fellow writers. Seeing a poem or story in print and knowing it will be enjoyed by readers, is always an inspiring experience. I am very grateful for all the support over the years and I hope we will still be celebrating in another ten years!

For sample/back copies of Positive Words magazine please send $2.40 for one copy (or $6 for 3 issues, overseas writers please email me for details) in unused stamps to the address below. I also have a number of copies of the very first issue available if you would like one 🙂

If anyone has a TEN story or poem they would like to submit for consideration for the November issue they can send them to The Editor, Sandra James, Positive Words magazine, PO Box 798, Heathcote 3523, Victoria, Australia For further information contact me at  but submissions must be in hard copy.

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