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Bucket list


Summer always means lots of time spent watering, some with a hose but mostly with buckets. It’s tiring but most of the plants are surviving even after our heat  wave last week.

And while the tennis players battle it out at the Australian Open, I think I’m developing bucket-elbow 😦



Today’s prompt…

I said lots of C’mons in the direction of the television last night and Pip and I swapped quite a few via sms but, unfortunately, it wasn’t Lleyton’s night.

I’ve adopted the C’mon for use when I’m feeling down or need a kick in the pants and find it really helps 🙂 Thanks Lleyton!

Lleyton Hewitt is one of my sporting heroes . . . who do you admire?

And . . . a little known fact . . . I used to play tennis when I was a teenager. Kooyong and Wimbledon were never in any danger of seeing me on court but I did enjoy it. And, I sewed my own tennis dress in sewing class at school. White, princess line with red ric-rac trim 🙂 (Does anyone else remember ric-rac? ) Oh, and although my tennis skills left much to be desired, I did get an A+ for my sewing 🙂

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