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Lost time


Time to turn our clocks back tonight.

Do you like daylight saving?

I love some of the funny stories I’ve heard over the years about people who swear they’ve really lost (or gained) an hour.

Hope the topic inspires some stories or poems 🙂


Making Time


I’m sure I’m not the only one saying today How can it be December already?

So much to do and only so many hours in each day . . . time to prioritise, weed the unnecessary items off the list and relax!


Just Fifteen Minutes


It sounds so simple . . . just fifteen minutes a day adds up to more than 91 hours in a year.

If I wrote for fifteen minutes a day it would add up to a lot of words. Novel? Short stories? Poems?

If I exercised for fifteen minutes a day it could decrease my waistline by several centimetres.

There are a 96 blocks of fifteen minutes in each day . . .

It sounds sooooooooooooooo simple!

PS – In just fifteen minutes you could print out a story or poem for the Positive Words End-of-Year Short Story & Poetry Competition, fill in an entry form (or write a cover sheet), add the entry fee ($3.60 per entry), put it in an envelope and post it 🙂

Entries need to be posted by 31October 2013.

Clothes Pegs

Today’s prompt . . .

While the washing dries you can . . . write a poem, add a paragraph to your short story or novel, jot down some new ideas . . . or, submit that poem/story 🙂



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