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Today’s prompt . . .

Another knife in the back.

Ouch! I hope it draws out a story or poem, rather than blood, on this rainy day here in Victoria 🙂

Golden Paddocks

Today’s prompt…

Along the road to  Adelaide and back I saw many scenes like this one, golden canola crops against glorious blue skies. There were some particularly nice views as I came over some of the hills and rises but none in suitable places to pull over and take a photo safely.

Ferny Glade

Today’s prompt…

Far from the peace and tranquility this photo depicts, there was much gnashing of my teeth and numerous mutterings as I tried to upload the photo today. My computer is old and a bit temperamental and combined with our very temperamental USB internet connection, makes for slow going. Perhaps…it thinks it’s due for a Sunday morning rest – I do work it rather hard 😦

The photo was taken near Mt Worth, not far from my son Pip’s home in Yarragon.

Waiting at the Bus Stop

Today’s writing prompt…

I’ve often heard writers say they get lots of ideas from observing people at a bus stop. Who are they; where are they going; will they return?

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