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We Made It!

You Yang peak

Today’s prompt…

Climbing a mountain/hill/peak is a lot like writing a story…why did I ever start this? I’m never going to get there, I must be crazy!

But at the top (or end of story) you forget all that 🙂 The flags were already there with notes attached asking people to leave them as they were part of a challenge and certainly added to the euphoric feeling of achievement. Flinder’s Peak is no Mt Everest but for this not-as-fit-as-she-used-to-be writer it felt good to finally reach the top and reminded me that I could (and should) be a lot fitter in order to continue to enjoy climbs/walks/life for many years to come. A lot like the recent NaNoWriMo challenge…no more excuses; I can find a little more time each day to write!

There were many other walkers on the track that day and I loved the camaraderie from the fellow climbers going down, from the cheeky suggestions that we had only gone a fraction of the distance when we were actually close to the top to the encouraging it’s-not-far-nows. Going down was much easier 🙂

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