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My Space!

Today’s writing prompt:

Get out of my space!

Just venting my frustration but I’m sure the offender will end up as a character somewhere down the line πŸ™‚


Ring! Ring!

Today’s writing prompt:

Off the hook.

Yesterday after three nuisance telemarketing calls to my landline, despite being on the do-not-call register, I put the phone down on my desk mid-sentence and walked away. I did intend to put it back after a an hour or so but completely forgot!

Last week, a friend who suffers from emphysema called and hesitated before responding to my somewhat strained ‘hello’. Fortunately, I realised just in time who it was and he didn’t cop an ear-full!

I love calls from friends, subscribers and anyone interested in Positive Words magazine but my blood boils when I’m constantly disturbed by someone who wants to sell me something . . . particularly when I’m struggling to get my NaNoWriMo total up to the target.

Colour Schemes

Today’s writing prompt:

Changing the dΓ©cor.

Just re-read my NaNoWriMo, and found the furniture layout in one scene different to another. Oops!

At least there’s no heavy lugging in changing it back πŸ™‚

Old flames

Today’s writing prompt:

Old flames.

While outside watering before dark {it’s very dry here already 😦 } I had an idea and decided to introduce an old flame into my NaNoWriMo story.

Not sure what will come of it but time will tell πŸ™‚

Tortoise or Hare?

Today’s writing prompt:

Are you a tortoise or a hare?

I think I’m more of a tortoise but in this year’s NaNoWriMo I’ve made a couple of hare-like dashes πŸ™‚

As long as we get there in the end!

Windy weather

Today’s writing prompt:

It’s an ill wind . . .


One step forward

Today’s writing prompt:

Every journey starts with one step!

And . . . finally my NaNoWriMo journey has started with just over 5000 words πŸ™‚

Only half what I should have done by now but I will water and fertilise well, and I’m sure it will grow!

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