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Positive Words magazine holds two major competitions each year, one closing 23 April and the other 31 October. Entries for these competitions need to be sent/posted/postmarked by the closing dates, not necessarily received by these dates.

You can download the current entry form here 

Positive Words magazine also holds a monthly Mini-competition. No entry form needed and you can see all the details here

PLEASE email me if your have any difficulty or need further information

The entry fees from the competitions pay for the prizes and help to continue publishing Positive Words magazine. Every entry is much appreciated and I believe entering the competitions is also very beneficial to entrants as it hones skills, builds confidence and could earn a well-deserved prize and bonus for your resume.


Comments on: "Competitions" (27)

  1. enid meyer said:

    very interesting, and a good thing for writers. thanks.E Meyer.

  2. Kathleen Cuppen said:

    Hello, when will the results be out for one of the main comps???

  3. Kathleen Cuppen said:

    Thank-you for replying so quickly. I’m so excited for the results.

  4. Hi, I can’t find anywhere if there is a line limit. The poem I’m considering submitting for November’s theme “mood” is 39 lines, is this okay? Also if we enter the poem in the mini comps, does this make the poem ineligible for the end of year comp?

    • Hi Anita, all the details for the mini-competitions is in ‘competitions’ at the top of the page, if you click on ‘mini-competitions 2013’. The wood limit for the mini-competitions is ten lines and for the end of year competition it is 32 lines. You can enter a poem in the end of year comp after it has been in a mini-comp unless it was the winning entry. Only poems that have previously won a prize or been publishing are ineligible. Thanks for your interest 🙂

  5. Hi
    When will we find out the results for the January 2014 positive words mini competition (caravan)?

  6. Can we enter a short story now for a month much later in the year?

    • Hi Sylvia, yes, you can enter for any month. I have a couple of entrants who send in a whole year’s worth at the start of the year. Thanks for your interest 🙂

  7. Hi
    Will you notify us if our entry has been received?

    • Hi Melanie,

      If you put a note in with your entry I can give you an email to let you know it has arrived.

      Thanks for your interest, Sandra 🙂

  8. Hello Sandra,

    I have just finished my submission and I am just about to send it in! Thanks for putting the competition on!


  9. veuveinvegas said:

    Hi Sandra. Which month’s mini competition results are being published in November’s issue? Michelle Louise

  10. Looking forward to entering your competitions!

  11. Hello Sandra.
    I’m preparing a story for this month’s mini competition, the first time I’ve entered, and I’m wondering whether I should put my name and contact details on the story, or, as in other competitions, on a separate page. Does it matter?

    • Hi Margaret and thank you. For the mini-competition it is okay to put names and details on the page unlike bigger competitions but many entrants use a separate page or put details on the reverse side. It doesn’t matter – whatever is easier. Thanks again, Sandra

  12. Chris Jones said:

    Hi Sandra
    I never realised how hard it can be to write a short story of only 100 words, but I am enjoying trying looking forward to the next results and reading the newsletter.


    • Hi Chris,
      I remember when I first joined a writing group more than twenty years ago, there were several members who were sending trying very short stories. When I tried I couldn’t believe how hard it was to cut out those last few words to get them down to the right word limit! But what a fun challenge 🙂
      Thanks for your support Chris!

      • Chris Jones said:

        Hi Sandra
        Thanks for my third news letter. I noticed there are some stories and poetry that were not related to month competitions. and larger than 100 words… Does this mean we can send stories etc anytime for the newsletter I am a little confused. thanks

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